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About Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy in your home makes common sense. You improve your energy rating, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the worldwide dependency on depleting fossil fuels.

Here’s a breakdown of some need-to-know points:

What is renewable energy?

Simply put, renewable energy is energy that can be renewed and will never become depleted or exhausted, unlike fossil fuels. Renewable energy is made from natural resources given to us by Mother Nature, such as sunshine, water and wind. These resources are in abundance in Ireland, yet are still not widely used to be converted into energy.

What are the benefits of renewable energy?

Renewable energy is completely sustainable and will never run out.
It omits little to no pollution, such as carbon monoxide.
They can be harnessed without being harmful to our environment.
Ireland depends hugely on fossil fuels. By taking advantage of the large supply of renewable energy sources we are blessed with, we can achieve a more secure energy supply.

How will using renewable energy in my home benefit me?

Renewable energy is the most eco-friendly and reliable way to heat your home, saving you money as you go.
Renewable energy is clean, pollution free and offers you predictable heating costs, so no nasty surprises when the bills arrive!
Renewable energy will result in considerable savings when compared to typical heating costs.
Using renewable energy in your home means you have less dependence on fossil fuels, which are become more expensive and hard to source on a worldwide scale. You can rest easy knowing you are decreasing the dependency we have on fossil fuels, and causing little-to-no harm to the environment to boot!

For advice and tips on how to prepare your home for a cleaner, greener future, call us now.

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